ITS BEEN MONTHS AND IVE BEEN TRYING REALLY HARD TO IMPROVE MY DAVE COSPLAY. IDK IF IT’S EVEN WORKING, BUT IM A SUCKY DAVE. I JUST, WELL, IM MAKING PROGRESS. I AT LEAST DONT MIND WEARING IT. I JUST sigh…it’ll do uwu foR NOW.(in the second one i didnt bind or wear my dave shirt, im wearing a slimer necklace.. OH and new glasses and wig… that what im trying to say..)

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  4. skinful-sensations said: NOT BAD? My lawdy! Look at all the progress you’ve made, don’t sell yourself short! I love the change in wig, it’s styled so canonically some homestuck on the street would glomp you. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT DAVE.
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